Thursday, November 8, 2012

Greatest Video Game Music #2

Hi everyone,

Today I have a very special post for you. Since you are reading this article (or blog as a whole) - you must be a gamer. Let's face it - gaming is entering popular culture like a hurricane. Gone are the days of video games being a domain of selected few (commonly refereed to as "geeks" or "nerds"). Mainstream is meeting gaming culture with arms wide open.

References to video games are everywhere, ads on subway, TV, Internet. Now I'd like to point out a special music company out there, that embraced gaming and integrated it classical music. Today I'm talking about Naxos and their new CD - Greatest Video Game Music 2. It should be of no surprise that even those who go to performances by symphony orchestras also indulge in gaming.

I am placing an order for that CD, as previews seem AMAZING! If you like gaming and want to listen to some of the best scores from the best titles - check it out!

Full CD preview: LINK
BUY NOW FOR $14.99

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