Thursday, October 25, 2012

Raiding in Korea - 10 vs 25 man

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker)
We received several feedbacks regarding raid instance lockouts and 10/25 rewards, and we appreciate your opinions and deep interests. We thought that Korean players wish to enjoy the most hardcore contents more flexibly and according to their play styles. Therefore, from the upcoming patch we decided to change the raid instance lockout rules for all KR servers. Raids, as usual, will be reset every 7 days following maintainance checks. However, after 5.1 patch 10 man and 25 man raids will have seperate lockouts.
From now on, players could play raid instances, such as Mogu-Shan Vaults, in both 10 man and 25 man difficulty. Normal and Heroic difficulty raid of same instance will share same lockout as usual. Furthermore, the loots of 25 man raids has been buffed, and will offer higher iLV compared to same 10 man instance. For example, Terrace of the Endless Spring in 25 man difficulty will drop loots with iLV of 504, wile 10 man will drop 496.
We wish that players will further enjoy the contents and gain satisfactory rewards, and decided to offer the system that suits most well with the KR players.

Hi guys, Saintlyn here again with an update. So Blizzard is trying something out in Korea that effectively brings back WotLK times with separate 10 and 25 man raid lockouts. What do to make of this?

Thursday, October 11, 2012

DREAM Paragon - 6/6HM - CLEARED!

Congrats guys!

Despite the late start DREAM Paragon is the World First Guild to clear Mogu'shan Vaults!

How to play Retribution in 5.0.5

Mists of Pandaria 5.0.5 was a class cataclysm. Our spec trees were destroyed, glyphs reworked, abilities changed. This article is aimed at giving you the "need-to-know" information on not just surviving the expansion, but actually doing good as retribution paladin.

My name is Saintlyn, I am a paladin with <Zug Life> - Cho'gall-US. I will be your class guide for the day.
Let's begin, shall we?

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

DREAM Paragon - 5/6 HM Mogu'shan Vaults

Just came in guys!

UPDATE: DREAM Paragon killed Elegon and is now 5/6HM MV!

DREAM Paragon takes the lead and kills the Spirit Kings!

7 other guilds are close behind with 3/6HM

1DREAM Paragon (10)EU-Lightning's Blade4/16 (H)3000.00
2vodka (25 recruiting)US-Alterac Mountains3/16 (H)2250.00
3Blood Legion (25 recruiting)US-Illidan3/16 (H)2250.00
4Method (25 recruiting)EU-Twisting Nether3/16 (H)2250.00
5Why Me (25 recruiting)EU-Wrathbringer3/16 (H)2250.00
6Envy (25 recruiting)EU-Auchindoun3/16 (H)2250.00
7Wraith (25)EU-Sargeras3/16 (H)2250.00
8Pulse (25 recruiting)EU-Blackmoore3/16 (H)2250.00
9Exodus (25 recruiting)US-Cho'gall2/16 (H)1500.00
10Crimson Blade (10)US-Frostmourne2/16 (H)1500.00

Race Update - Day 2

Hello everyone!

The race to World First Mogu'shan Vaults is on!
Seems like later last night top 3 guilds were stuck on the 3rd boss - Gara'jal the Spiritbinder. Even thou <Blood Legion> got to him first, <vodka> actually scored a first world kill! Congrats to them! Vodka is one of those black horses that can be anyone's guess - very talented guys, very experienced. Is it maybe their tier? What do you think?

vodka - mogu'shan vaults - world first

EU raids opened up late last night. Both <Paragon> EU-Lightning's Blade and <Method> EU-Twisted Nether are in pursuit! They caught up with US competitors without much trouble. Looks like EU is looking stronger, as they've spent less time per boss. Here's a current standing:

1 vodka (25 recruiting) US-Alterac Mountains 3/16 (H) 2250.00
2 Blood Legion (25 recruiting) US-Illidan 3/16 (H) 2250.00
3 DREAM Paragon (10) EU-Lightning's Blade 3/16 (H) 2250.00
4 Method (25 recruiting) EU-Twisting Nether 3/16 (H) 2250.00

Here's a little preview to heroic modes cooked up by Method:

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Aaaand we're off!

Race to the World First - Mogu'shan Vaults is underway.

Here's a state of things to date (this will be updated daily!):

US had an early start and they didn't waste time at all!

Early on <vodka> US-Alterac Mountains took the lead killing Stone Guard at 17:14. Their celebration was short thou, as <Blood Legion> US-Illidan caught up in just 6 minutes. <Blood Legion> then went on to take World First Feng the Accursed, just 34 mins later (can't be more than a few pulls!).

<Exodus> US-Cho'gall is in 3rd with Stone Guard kill at 19:51

Threatening Light

Hi guys and gals,

Saintlyn's here with another update. Week 2 of Mists of Pandaria is behind us. I've had enough time to run A LOT of dungeons, did Mogu'shan Vaults raid (first 4 bosses) on 10 man, tanked and killed World Bosses and had "fun" grinding reputation. Man I hate daily quests!

The topic of discussion today will be about threat thou. I quickly found out that recent changes to Seal of Truth hurt a bit more then expected. My tanking partner in raids is a Blood DK. I do have to admit that I'm a bit jealous about the amount of damage and threat they put out. I usually have to fight him for threat on tank switch encounters. One may say - "Well, they nerfed paladins! Deal with it". However, I decided to look into things we can do now to level the playing field. More after the jump

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Level 90 - Accomplished! On to tanking... Wait.. Tanking?

Hi everyone!
Saintlyn here with a small update! Level 90 - finally! I did the last part of leveling (88-90) by questing. According to my calculations, I had to complete 100 quests per level. Lucky for me Pandaria has a lot of NPCs that need your help! As long as you select a zone of your level.

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