Thursday, October 25, 2012

Raiding in Korea - 10 vs 25 man

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker)
We received several feedbacks regarding raid instance lockouts and 10/25 rewards, and we appreciate your opinions and deep interests. We thought that Korean players wish to enjoy the most hardcore contents more flexibly and according to their play styles. Therefore, from the upcoming patch we decided to change the raid instance lockout rules for all KR servers. Raids, as usual, will be reset every 7 days following maintainance checks. However, after 5.1 patch 10 man and 25 man raids will have seperate lockouts.
From now on, players could play raid instances, such as Mogu-Shan Vaults, in both 10 man and 25 man difficulty. Normal and Heroic difficulty raid of same instance will share same lockout as usual. Furthermore, the loots of 25 man raids has been buffed, and will offer higher iLV compared to same 10 man instance. For example, Terrace of the Endless Spring in 25 man difficulty will drop loots with iLV of 504, wile 10 man will drop 496.
We wish that players will further enjoy the contents and gain satisfactory rewards, and decided to offer the system that suits most well with the KR players.

Hi guys, Saintlyn here again with an update. So Blizzard is trying something out in Korea that effectively brings back WotLK times with separate 10 and 25 man raid lockouts. What do to make of this?

Let's look at World First races. Currently the raiding playing field is already not even. US starts earlier, Europe has to catch up to them. While this in itself is not a huge impact on final instance boss kill progression, it certainly affects World First kills on entry bosses.

Everyone who follows the Race as I do, probably had thought about this at some point in time. Solution? Well, they can't just create "progression" servers that will all open earlier then others and at the same time. Why not? Well, guilds that fight for World Firsts are bound to their communities. They create those communities around them. They earn fans and enemies alike. (Think, what would Blood Legion be without Illidan?) If you just throw them all on one server... They will be forgotten by everyone but themselves. These hard core people act as inspiration to us all. Be frank with yourself, haven't you ever looked at Paragon, or Method, or Blood Legion, or vodka and imagine how cool it'd be raiding with them?

So what then? Server restarts at the same time? This would create a technical nightmare for Blizzard engineers. Not a good idea.

To be honest - I don't have a perfect solution. If you do - share in comments! I'd love to hear it.

Now how does this test in Korea affect us all? Should progression guilds transfer there? Should we exclude Korea from WoWProgress and WoL? Probably.

We all know how big e-Sport is there. This seems just a natural reaction from Blizzard to try and get a piece of that pie. For now we're just left on the sidelines... Watching how things will turn out.

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