Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Destrolock, out.

Greetings, fellow warlocks! This week marks the close of our spec analysis for Destruction.  I must admit that I'm enjoying the spec, currently, but I can't wait to get back into my comfortable ole skin of Affliction.  Perhaps I enjoy hurting others more than myself! 

 Incinerate: To burn or reduce to ashes. It makes sense to have this spell as a filler, mechanically speaking, since fires, as previously noted, are chaotic in nature, they have the tendency to consume their fuel with no regard to the future.  Anything with sufficient moisture, whether it’s grass, trees, your neighbor’s cat, can snuff the life of the fire with little difficulty. Fire is hit twice: first with the moisture in the item, second with the steam that the evaporated moisture creates, especially if that steam condenses onto an item that the fire is trying to burn. Much like a regenerating mob that heals each time you hit it. In order to overcome the moisture of an item, reapplication of the fire is necessary, especially to such moisture laden items as living beings. By shooting this fire, the warlock, though, is exposed to copious amounts of backlash. Much like a blowtorch’s end gets hot, so must the flesh of the warlock’s hands and arms, up to and including combustion. The warlock survives this via…

http://wow.zamimg.com/images/wow/icons/large/spell_fire_felflamering.jpgChaotic Energy: This is a passive ability given to Destruction warlocks in Mists to compensate for the removal of life tap which, logically, belongs with Affliction, even if it does follow the precedent of inflicting pain on ones’ self, it does not fall within masochism since the pleasure is not the end, but merely a means. In order to survive the drawing of such chaotic and destructive powers, the warlock must simultaneously siphon energy and, in an rp setting, life, from the twisting nether to  compensate for the destruction wrought by the fires that (s)he deals. This means that the Destruction Warlock is in a constant state of self-immolation and regeneration.  This, then, shows that the concept of this spec is rooted in masochism, since the only path to power is through self pain; ergo, the lock must enjoy experiencing pain in order to withstand the incessant barrage that is the source of his power.

Next week, we'll finish this series with Demonology's diabolical degeneration.  Until then, stay toasty!

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