Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Lions and Tigers and Demons, oh my!

Hello, again, Warlocks!  It's time for another fun filled exploration of the dark and evil arts! This week we will follow the last installment of the spec analysis series.  First, we did Affliction and its sadistic, yet oh so fun, curses; Secondly, we warmed our toes with the masochistic mechanization of Destruction; Now, we'll delve into the devilish arts that make up Demonology!

First on the list of demonically induced mayhem causalities is a reappearance of an old friend: Corruption.

The last time we saw this spell was with the Affliction Warlock's repertoire.  It, in that context, set the stage for self doubts which were compounded by Agony.  Here, though, it actually has a more sinister purpose: creating within the target's body a seed.  When the casters put corruption on his or her target, they are creating the beginnings of a portal within that person, much like one plants an Enigma Seed in the hopes of having a wonderful product of fruition blossom.  And, like that seed, corruption does create a beautiful blossoming: baby demons!

Demonology Warlocks are all about their demons (obvious, I know), but the summoning of these demons is a little... twisted (nether?).  By placing Corruption on the target, the caster now has the platform to, once he has enough power built up, place upon the target the actual portal from which his progeny will spill.  This spell, aptly named Doom, uses the target's body and life force leech-like to summon little demons from the Twisting Nether to then turn around and attack him.  A person's own body, then, becomes his or her worst enemy as it causes the opponent to grow in strength as he gets weaker - something of a vampiristic effect.

Now, this poor soul who is about to be made into a baked good is fueling the warlock's power through the painful attacks the (s)he is suffering, a worm-like hole inside their being, and wild demons gnawing at his/her legs, and this isn't really even the beginning!

IllidanBCartSee, the power I mentioned that allows the warlock to open this hell-gate inside his target also allows him to summon the pure essence of the Nether into his body and transform a la Illidan into a giant, demonic entity.  This transformation is fueled not only by corruption, but also by channeling the powers of lost Gul'dan into a meteor that, much as he drug the orcs into power whether they wanted to go or not, drags opponents down into a slower state of existence, allowing the warlock and his lackeys to dispense with them as needed.  This spell, since it draws upon ole Guldy, exposes the warlock to a purer flow from the nether, which, in turn, fuels his transformative abilities, much like it did for Illidan.

Now that the stage has been set for the demonic influence to establish a foot-hold on this plane, the benefits to us are obvious! Next week, we'll wrap up this demonic dallying with what you have to look forward to when you're in your rarefied state and why your proximity to the hell-fires might just make your soul toasty warm.

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