Wednesday, October 10, 2012

DREAM Paragon - 5/6 HM Mogu'shan Vaults

Just came in guys!

UPDATE: DREAM Paragon killed Elegon and is now 5/6HM MV!

DREAM Paragon takes the lead and kills the Spirit Kings!

7 other guilds are close behind with 3/6HM

1DREAM Paragon (10)EU-Lightning's Blade4/16 (H)3000.00
2vodka (25 recruiting)US-Alterac Mountains3/16 (H)2250.00
3Blood Legion (25 recruiting)US-Illidan3/16 (H)2250.00
4Method (25 recruiting)EU-Twisting Nether3/16 (H)2250.00
5Why Me (25 recruiting)EU-Wrathbringer3/16 (H)2250.00
6Envy (25 recruiting)EU-Auchindoun3/16 (H)2250.00
7Wraith (25)EU-Sargeras3/16 (H)2250.00
8Pulse (25 recruiting)EU-Blackmoore3/16 (H)2250.00
9Exodus (25 recruiting)US-Cho'gall2/16 (H)1500.00
10Crimson Blade (10)US-Frostmourne2/16 (H)1500.00

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