Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Race Update - Day 2

Hello everyone!

The race to World First Mogu'shan Vaults is on!
Seems like later last night top 3 guilds were stuck on the 3rd boss - Gara'jal the Spiritbinder. Even thou <Blood Legion> got to him first, <vodka> actually scored a first world kill! Congrats to them! Vodka is one of those black horses that can be anyone's guess - very talented guys, very experienced. Is it maybe their tier? What do you think?

vodka - mogu'shan vaults - world first

EU raids opened up late last night. Both <Paragon> EU-Lightning's Blade and <Method> EU-Twisted Nether are in pursuit! They caught up with US competitors without much trouble. Looks like EU is looking stronger, as they've spent less time per boss. Here's a current standing:

1 vodka (25 recruiting) US-Alterac Mountains 3/16 (H) 2250.00
2 Blood Legion (25 recruiting) US-Illidan 3/16 (H) 2250.00
3 DREAM Paragon (10) EU-Lightning's Blade 3/16 (H) 2250.00
4 Method (25 recruiting) EU-Twisting Nether 3/16 (H) 2250.00

Here's a little preview to heroic modes cooked up by Method:

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