Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Level 90 - Accomplished! On to tanking... Wait.. Tanking?

Hi everyone!
Saintlyn here with a small update! Level 90 - finally! I did the last part of leveling (88-90) by questing. According to my calculations, I had to complete 100 quests per level. Lucky for me Pandaria has a lot of NPCs that need your help! As long as you select a zone of your level.

I hit 90 in time for raiding announcements for my guild, Zug Life. Turns out we have 3 people interested in playing retribution paladins this expansion! 3! WoW - those are amazing news! I love retribution. Voice of reason, however, told me that it may be an overkill a little bit. So I spoke to our GM and we came to a conclusion that we don't have enough tanks. So protection it is!!!

It's not that I'm completely new to the spec. Protection used to be my love and passion in Wrath of Lich King and reliable off-spec ever since. Now it is going to be my main role and I'll keep current my retribution skills. So what does it mean for this blog? Now I'll be covering two specs for the price of one!

Raid videos, tutorials - everything will be for Retribution and Protection.
First raid tomorrow - can't wait!

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