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How to play Retribution in 5.0.5

Mists of Pandaria 5.0.5 was a class cataclysm. Our spec trees were destroyed, glyphs reworked, abilities changed. This article is aimed at giving you the "need-to-know" information on not just surviving the expansion, but actually doing good as retribution paladin.

My name is Saintlyn, I am a paladin with <Zug Life> - Cho'gall-US. I will be your class guide for the day.
Let's begin, shall we?

1. Specs

This time around we have 6 choices between 3 talents each to make. Specific encounter will dictate some of the choices, however largely it is up to individuals to make a call. Here's a list of tiers/talents for reference.

Tier 1
* Speed of Light - +70% move for 8 sec (45 sec CD)
* Long Arm of the Law - +45% move for 3 sec after a Judge hits
* Pursuit of Justice - +15% move at all times, plus an additional 5% for each current HP, up to maximum of 3.

Tier 2
* Fist of Justice - 6 sec stun, 20 yd range, 30 sec CD.
* Repentance - incapacitate enemy for 1 min. 15 sec CD.
* Burden of Guilt - Judgment slows target by 50% for 12 sec.

Tier 3
* Selfless Healer - Judgment hits reduce FoL cast time and mana cost by 35%, increases effectiveness only if used on others by 35%. Stacks 3 times. Stack lasts 15 seconds or when used.
* Eternal Flame - Consumes up to 3 Holy Power to place a protective Holy flame on a friendly target, which heals them for (4,260 + 37.7% of SP) and an additional (391 + 4.5% of SP) every 3 sec for 30 sec. Healing increased per charge Holy Power. Replaces Word of Glory.
* Sacred Shield - No Mana Cost. Produces shield that increases FoL healing by 30% and absorbs 30 (+ 117% SP) damage per 6 seconds. Can be cast on others. Only 1 active at a time.

Tier 4
* Hand of Purity - Reduce target's DoTs damage taken by 70% for 6 sec. 1 min CD
* Unbreakable Spirit - When DivShield, DivProt, or LoH are on CD, spending HP reduces CD by 1% per HP spent. Max 50% reduction.
* Clemency - Hand of Freedom, Hand of Protection, Hand of Sacrifice and Hand of Salvation can be used twice each before incurring their cooldowns.

Tier 5
* Holy Avenger - all HP generating abilities deal 30% extra damage/healing, and generate 3 HP for 18 seconds. 2 min CD.
* Sanctified Wrath - Avenging Wrath lasts 50% longer (30 sec). During AW HoW CD reduced by 50% (3 sec).
* Divine Purpose - Abilities that cost HP have a chance to proc Divine Purpose effect. DivPurp effect causes your next HP ability to consume no HP and cast as if 3 were used.

Tier 6
* Holy Prism - De/buff target. Costs 5.4% Base Mana. Enemy takes 14523 to 17750 (+ 142.8% SP) Holy damage and radiates 9794 to 11969 (+ 96.2% SP) healing to 5 nearby allies. Ally is healed for 14523 to 17750 (+ 142.8% SP) and radiates 9794 to 11969 (+ 96.2% of SP) damage to 5 nearby enemies. 20 sec CD.
* Light's Hammer - 10 yard AOE. 3268 to 3993 (+ 32.1% SP) Holy damage to enemies and healing to allies every 2 sec for 15 sec. 1 min CD.
* Execution Sentence - Enemies take damage per sec for 10 sec, then burst damage. Allies are healed every sec for 10 sec, then burst healing. 1 min CD. Total Damage: 12989 base + 593.6% SP

He's how I do this:

1.1 General purpose spec (no encounter specifics)

- Pursuit of Justice
- Fist of Justice
- Sacred Shield
- Unbreakable Spirit
- Holy Avenger
- Execution Sentence

Nothing tricky here. We want to move faster on average, have some absorbs (SS) and deliver damage.

1.2 Spirit Kings spec (4th fight in MV)

- Speed of Light
- Burden of Guilt
- Sacred Shield
- Clemency
- Holy Avenger
- Execution Sentence or Light's Hammer (if you're in charge of breaking MC)

This fight is mostly stationary, however at times we need to run and run fast (Flanking Orders, add, Volley). Hence going for Speed of Light. Clemency is useful since you can cast Hand of Protection on trapped raiders hence removing the need to DPS arrows.

1.3 Gara'jan spec (3rd fight in MV)

- Speed of Light
- Fist of Justice
- Sacred Shield
- Unbreakable Spirit
- Sanctified Wrath
- Execution Sentence

Speed of Light used to get to adds in Spirit World fast and Sanctified Wrath makes sure you have more DPS after buff is up and you've got lust. Short enrage timer encounters would really be better fit for SW.

2. Glyphs

Here I will list only the glyphs I'd ever slot for raiding.

Glyph of Avenging Wrath - heals 1% of max health every 2 sec for 20 sec.
Glyph of Divine Protection - reduces magic reduction of DP by 20% but adds 20% physical damage reduction.
Glyph of Divine Storm - heals caster for 5% max health.
Glyph of Double Jeopardy - Judging increases damage of next Judgment by 20%, but only if 2nd Judge used on different target.
Glyph of Harsh Words - Your Word of Glory can now also be used on enemy targets, causing Holy damage approximately equal to the amount it would have healed. Not supposed to work with Eternal Flame.
chance bonus remains unchanged at 10%)
Glyph of Mass Exorcism - makes Exo melee-range-only, but causes 25% damage to all targets within 10 yds of primary target.
Glyph of Templar's verdict - take 10% less damage for 6 sec after using Templar's Verdict.
Glyph of Word of Glory - increases your damage by 3% per HP spent after you cast WoG or Eternal Flame. Lasts 6 seconds.

Generally I would run with:
Glyph of Templar's verdict
Glyph of Divine Storm
Glyph of Harsh Words

On concil type encounters it pays off going with Glyph of Double Jeopardy

3. Priority

Here's what we do to command dread and awe!

- Keep inquisition up (99%+ uptime). Letting this drop is catastrophic for your DPS. Get it up early (even with 1HP and don't let it go)
- If you're full on HP, use TV
- Use your L90 talent
- Use HoPo generator
- HoW
- Exo
- CS
- J
- TV
- SS

On multi-target fights - you will need some macros to benefit from Glyph of Double Jeopardy and such. But more about it later.

4. Cooldowns

Here's a diagram:

Make sure you have 30seconds on Inqusition!
Bloodlust starts:
GAK >>>> 10s >>>> AW+HA+Pot

5. Gear

At 463-470 ilvl, here's a TLDR version:

Make sure you're hit capped! It is 2550 Hit rating now!
Str > Haste > Crit=Mastery

Use reforge calculator like Mr.Robot or WowReforge

In future posts we'll talk about macros and addons. Stay awesome and keep inquisition up!
Saintlyn out.

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