Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Interview with Alveona (Exorsus-EU)

Hi everyone,

I figured it would be a good idea to start writing in preparation for the new content. Alveona
, prot paladin for Exorsus (top russian guild) gave an interview, that could be of interest to a few of us. 

Here's my translation of it:

Q: Alexander, were there any interesting events in your personal life for the last content patch?
A: Hello, yes, you can say we were. I got two bachelor degrees and began the transition into "adulthood", so that from harmful hobbies there is only one (WoW).

Q: Let's talk about the past content. In relation to allegations that your guild position in the standings is undeserved. How can you comment on this?

A: It was funny to hear, that the fact, that we had a raid on the Catholic Christmas, while others did not, gave some right to say that their success is above our own. If we talk about my attitude in general, it is ambiguous - all at the beginning of 4.3 attempted to behave dishonestly, and paid for that. It has long been so, that the guild will use all available means to take the higher ground, and I do not remember when the last a fair race for world first occurred. Thus, we have shown the results, which we were supposed to show, of course I take into account that some of the top guilds fell apart, this made our task a little easier.

Q:And the attempt to abuse LFR, followed by bans, how much did it affect your guild's motivation?

A: We continued to raid 10 man, on random characters in a very poor gear and, despite this, killing bosses in 10 man before other guilds. So for those who raid in 10 man, motivation was not lost. I'm more worried about those who did not get a 10 ppl raid because they had to wait. Of course, many were very upset, but none stopped playing. Fortunately for us the encounter such as the Spine of Deathwing did not give way to those who have managed to collect 25 ppl raid, or did not get banned.

Q: Because content was finished a long time ago, and the last few months you have been doing mainly farming, which included selling gear and achievements, I would like to know your attitude towards it. As far as I know, before you spoke of farming very negative, in fact, in an interview with vohochke.ru, you indicated this is one of the main reasons for the guild splits.

A: I would not say that my position is even slightly changed. It is a different situation, which allows us to do this. In the past content we had to gear up our people, plus we had a disagreement over the sale of mount. In this content it is the opposite situation - the current gear will be useless soon. If buyers hinder progress or somehow slow down development, no matter how much they pay, then we do not have to deal with it.

Q: There's very little of the Cata content and good players seldom change guilds, but we are aware of your abilities in recruiting, maybe you could steal someone new before the start of the race?

A: Yes, a few people will join us in the near future, and they are quite strong players from the Russian Guild. Now we are deciding whether we accept them, they in turn shake off some moments with my old guild.

Q: And how much has changed in guild roster when compared with the composition of the players who started the race in Dragon Soul?

A: The roster has changed much less than I had feared. If you take the players who made the First Kill of 25hm Deathwing in Russia, we lost three people, two of them went to the real life, and one moved to another guild. You can only talk about strengthening roster - we now have about 50 active raiders, and most of them are willing to fight for a place at the main 25.

Q: I discovered that the previous GM and RL of guild "Exorsus" - Viksh recently left the guild and formed his own, what is the reason, he was having some disagreements with you?

A: No, we have a great relationship with Viksh. We discussed this issue with him for a long time - he wanted to causally raid in Pandaria top 10 with those with whom he played for a long time. I asked him to move in with us to Howling Fjord, because his guild is on Shattered Wastes, but many of its members did not want to play on another server.

Q: What projections do you do for yourself in the upcoming content, you put a goal on the world 1st or to hit, say, in the top 10?

A: It would be wrong to say that we do not focus on the world 1st, but getting into the top 10 is quite obvious, and it can prevent a total fiasco. The main objective for us has always been the progression of the guild in the world community, is what we strive for, from 43rd to 6th place. But the further prediction I did not want to do.

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