Wednesday, September 26, 2012

First Steps in Pandaria - Leveling to 87

Hi everyone!
Another update from last night and my thoughts on leveling to 87. Since we all only have two new dungeons at levels 85-86 and considering that I leveled to 86 via dungeon tanking, I decided to take a break. After-all - we have this new awesome world to explore! Why not go out there and have fun?

I ended up going to Krasarang Wilds and questing the hell out of it! For someone who doesn't generally enjoy "killing X of Y" or collecting and delivering "Z of W" - I must say that I was impressed! Quests are actually tied into fun chains. Motivation is well defined and reasons for actions are explained. Also as part of the chain I had to help Pandaren clear the area of Sha!

I love how Blizzard decided to go with GuildWars2 model and reward participation. If someone else is fighting a huge elite mob, you will get a credit for kill if you help! Gone are the days of wishing death to those who tagged "your" prey. Jump in and lend a hand - and you'll have your quest completed as well.

Part of the quest chain in the south is under water. First time I saw it, it dreaded another Vashir swimming experience! I must say that Blizzard stepped up here too! Swimming is mixed with on the shore running and is not nearly as annoying as it used to be!

Completing this entire zone almost took me to 87. Had to finish it off with few speed runs in Brewery and Temple. Doing quest chains was fast and fun! I give this area an A+

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