Friday, September 28, 2012

Exploring Pandaria - Leveling to 88

So last night I ventured into Kun-Lai Summit. This was a very welcome change from running dungeons and battle grounds. The zone is MASSIVE! Epic mountains, epic flats, lots of critters big and small. I quested the hell out of it and it was a fun and fast experience.

Kun-Lai Summit has enough quests to get you a bit over one level. Respawn timers are fast and due to sheer size of the zone - there is little competition for spawns. At least on Cho'gall-US.

Doing all quests in this zone will significantly improve your reputation status with Shado-Pan. I was impressed by how rich the dialogues and story events were. In Kun-Lai summit you can even walk on a minor version of Great Wall!

Now on to 89!

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